F* for 4 faves of this week

source | sartorialist.com

O verão no Spiaggia Rimini Grand Hotel, pelas lentes do Scott Schuman, aqui.
Summer in Spiaggia Rimini Grand Hotel, through Scott Schuman’s lenses, here.

source | pastryaffair.com

Provence e a Riviera Francesa, aqui.
Provence and the French Riviera, here.

Swooning this evening at home with @cointreauus & friends! Regram @harpersbazaarus

A post shared by Athena Calderone (@eyeswoon) on

source | eye-swoon via instagram

As noites perfeitas de Verão da Athena Calderone, aqui.
Athena Calderone’s perfect Summer nights, here.

source | nydailynews.com

O que se diz sobre o lançamento de “Selfish”, o livro de 352 páginas de selfies da Kim K, aqui.
What’s being said about “Selfish”, Kim K’s 352 pages book of selfies, here.


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