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1: Associa “brother” e “romance”.
2: Refere-se à relação de cariz não sexual entre dois homens que são especialmente próximos.
1: Associates “brother” and “romance”.
2: It refers to the non-sexual relationship between two men that are particularly close to each other.

O Masterchef Australia, além de ser, de longe, o MELHOR concurso de culinária, foi também, na temporada 4, o palco de um dos mais mediáticos Bromances a que assistimos nos últimos tempos.
Ben é um professor de 30 anos, cuja amizade com Andy, aprendiz de electricista de 24 anos, acabou por ser um dos focos principais do programa, suscitando até ideias de juntar os dois num programa próprio, tal não foi o alcance mediático desta relação. Na final do programa, o eliminado Ben, mostrava-se tanto ou mais nervoso que o seu amigo, o finalista Andy. Podem ler mais sobre este Bromance aqui.

Brody Jenner, filho de Bruce Jenner, AKA “o padrasto Kardashian”, protagonizou um reality show na MTV centrado sobre a temática do Bromance, com 9 concorrentes que procuravam ganhar esta amizade especial com o protagonista.

Outros Bromances mediáticos? Contem-me!

Masterchef Australia, besides being by far the BEST cooking contest, was also, in season 4, the stage of one of the most publicized Bromances we have witnessed in recent times.
Ben is a 30 year old teacher, whose close friendship with Andy, apprentice electrician of 24, turned out to be a major focus of the program, raising up ideas of them going together in a separate show. At the end of the program, former eliminated Ben, was as much or more nervous than his friend, the finalist Andy. You can read more about this Bromance here.

Brody Jenner, son of Bruce Jenner, AKA “the stepfather Kardashian”, starred in a reality show on MTV centered on the theme of Bromance with 9 competitors who sought to win this special friendship with the protagonist.

Other mediatic Bromances? Tell me!

  1. Carlos said:

    “You can be affectionate with each other, you can love each other and it doesn’t have to be some – you know, and even if it does turn into something, which it didn’t, then it’s okay… We always sort of flinch at this “bromance” buzzword that’s come up – there’s no equivalent for women, because it’s not weird if women are friends… because of this homosexual terror that straight guys have, it’s ridiculous. Now there has to be this word for it, and it’s crazy. It’s totally sad.” – Simon Pegg

  2. Carlos said:

    BLVR: After Brokeback Mountain was passed over for Best Picture in 2006, you wrote that while Hollywood preaches tolerance of homosexuals, it doesn’t provide “an actual homosexual to tolerate.” Have the movies’ portrayal of homosexuality improved at all over the past several years?
    WM: Not really. TV does it better. I just don’t know what the movies are doing. They just don’t care, and if nobody is pushing them or holding their feet to the fire, they have no incentive to do anything. The tragedy of Brokeback Mountain is that it just kind of took that off the table for studios. They don’t feel like they have to do it, so now every time they make a movie that stars two actors playing gay guys, their gayness is the attraction as opposed to the story.
    Brokeback Mountain is a sad love story about two people who can’t be together, and the reason that they can’t be together is because being gay is a stigmatized thing. It would be interesting to have the same movie in which the two guys weren’t in the closet and there was no shame about them being gay and they couldn’t be together for other reasons. I still feel like we’re a long way from that happening.
    BLVR: What would it take to make that happen?
    WM: For the studio to just be like, “I don’t care, yeah, they’re gay.” What you get is this in-between thing, what they call Bromance, two guys just kind of spending all this time together, but then they put in a woman just so you know they’re not gay. Pretty much everything else points to the two guys being in love and loving each other, but there’s Anna Kendrick or some woman whose only purpose is to not let your mind go there and stay there for too long: “They are straight, don’t worry, don’t be freaked out.”

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