“Love, Rashida”, Rashida Jones

A Rashida Jones (“Jesse and Celeste forever”, “Parks and Recreation”) tem uma coluna na GLAMOUR. “Love, Rashida” partilha algumas ideias desta actriz, interessante e opiniosa (no bom sentido), sobre a vida e o amor, em formato BD.
PS: BTW, a Rashida é muito cool (eu acho)…e tem também algumas posições bem polémicas que vale a pena partilhar… voltarei a falar sobre ela.
Rashida Jones (“Celeste and Jesse forever”, “Parks and Recreation”) has a column in GLAMOUR. In “Love, Rashida” this, interesting and well opinionated, actress shares some ideas about life and love in a “comics” format.
PS: BTW, Rashida is very cool (I think so)… and also has some pretty controversial positions that are worth sharing… I’ll come back to her.
It promisses…
“Hey, I’m Rashida. My friends and I talk a lot about balancing our lives: love, gender politics, family… One of those conversations, with my friend Carrie went something like this.”

source | glamour.com


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