F* for 4 faves of this week

source | thisiscolossal.com
Um mar de núvens no Grand Canyon.
A sea of clouds in the Grand Canyon.

source | sincerelyjules.com
Este top da Jules combinado com os jeans rasgados.
This top Jules wears down with her ripped jeans.

source | damselindior.com
A brilhante ideia da Jacey de oferecer prendas até ao Natal…pena eu não viver nos USA…
Jacey’s brilliant idea of a daily giveaway until Xmas…You girls that live in the USA must try to win!

source | theprettyblog.com
Este DIY de menú e etiquetas para as prendas.
This DIY menu and gift tags.

E esta semana um favorito adicional: o Mashnotes postou sobre o Male Monday – uma rúbrica do site Sous Style em que rapazes engraçados respondem a dúvidas sobre culinária! Vejam todos aqui!
O Sous Style é alimentado por uma Australiana, a Pippa Lord, que se descreve assim:
“sexy new gen homemaker, founder of sousstyle.com and general ‘work in progress’”. Espreitem porque vale bem a pena.
E, convenhamos, Male Monday? Brilhante!

And this week another favorite: Mashnotes posted about Monday Male –  a series of posts in the site Sous Style in wich pretty guys answer to questions about cooking! Look at  them all here!
The Sous Style is powered by an Australian, Pippa Lord, who describes herself like this:
“sexy new gen homemaker, founder of sousstyle.com and general ‘work in progress’.” Take a look at the site because it is well worth it.
And let’s face it, Male Monday? Brilliant!

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  1. catarina said:

    uhm mas as caixas têm mesmo recheio?

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